Why Therapy?

Often times, people question if therapeutic services are essential to have in their everyday life. My answer to that question is, therapy can be beneficial for anyone as we are all a work in progress. I have found it to be beneficial for individuals to embrace therapy in a safe and secure environment, people require a safe haven to discuss their dilemmas and focus on getting past their current issues. It also provides them with the opportunity to focus on the changes that are necessary for progression in their lives.

Ask yourself this question, how many opportunities have you had in your life to focus on yourself without the fear of being judged? Think about it! It’s paramount that we ensure our basic needs are met such as eating healthy, maintaining sufficient income, keeping abreast on our hygiene and being presentable when we walk out into the world; however, we often fall short in investing the time to broaden our horizons. So instead of asking the question “why do I need therapy?” Ask yourself, “why not try therapy?” We all deserve to become the best version of ourselves!

Meet the Therapist

Tamika Reeves, MA LPC NCC

Transition - Movement, passage or change from one position, state, stage, subject, concept to another etc. CHANGE.

We provide individual, child, couple and family counseling services in a safe and comforting environment. Our purpose is to help each client reach the goals they set for themselves.

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